SEO Services Should Be Better.

Let’s zoom out 500,000 feet and get back to the basics. SEO is about killer, authoritative content that turns your website into a cash machine. It’s not about ranking. It’s not about traffic. It’s not about getting 10,000 spammy backlinks (oh God help me…). None of that.

Here’s Why.

You’ve been spending money (and time, which is money) on a bunch of deliverables that really add up to a whole lot of nothing. Blogging… editing your meta descriptions… and so on. Sound familiar? We call these random acts of SEO. And they don’t do sh*t when there’s not an SEO strategy driving them. Here are more random acts of SEO, in order of uselessness:

  • Writing weekly blog posts
  • Increasing your website’s speed
  • Adding alt tags to every single image
  • The list goes on…

No More Random SEO.

First of all… quit it with the random acts of SEO. Writing 45 meta descriptions takes way too much time and keeps you from taking care of the bigger things on your plate – like making your clients happy and building your team. Writing a blog for your website? Put that on the back-burner (like way back) and keep reading.

Propellic SEO Direction

Search Engine Optimization is not Voodoo

Unicorns are mythical. Effective SEO is not. – In fact, it’s actually quite simple.
And your SEO agency is going to hate us for saying that.

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Laser-Focused SEO Strategy

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Shocker that we actually need to say this. But we ran a study and realized that 84% of our clients come out of engagements with other SEO agencies that had no real strategy for reaching SEO greatness. How do you reach SEO greatness without a strategy? You don’t… It’s a trick question. Without a strategy, everything you do is a random act of SEO. And we already talked about that.

A 100-watt light bulb can light up a room.
A 100-watt laser… can burn through a freakin’ sheet of solid metal.
We believe – scratch that – we are confident that you’ve been using a light bulb to grow your business.
We’d like to be your lasers.

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1. Identify SEO Opportunities & Set Goals

Identification is the first step of The Organic Visibility Framework™ – our trademarked SEO service that has transformed businesses across the USA. This is where the nonsense stops and the step-by-step action plan is created specifically for you. It’s time for you to focus your efforts – and we’re here to help you make that happen with a proven opportunity identification process that consists of three sub-steps:

1 – Setting Goals

There’s nothing like getting grilled over video call by an SEO expert on your business goals. It’s eye-opening and gets you to actually be real about the future of your business. In the goal-setting phase, you’ll be given access to proprietary worksheets and training that will push you to set goals that we can actually achieve with a targeted SEO campaign. Think revenue, not keywords. 

2 – Cataloging Underperformance

Have you ever heard of an SEO audit? You know, the free analyses you can get from any SEO agency’s website? (Including us – no shame). Most SEO agencies will literally just run the free audit for you, implement the changes, and call it a day. We know. Because we used to be one of those agencies. And you know what that is? It’s a random act of SEO – and a pathetic one at that.

When we say identify underperformance, we don’t just mean on your website. Yes, we run an SEO audit (it’s a manual audit that uses data from our own private crawling servers) and add the findings to your action plan (next step), but we don’t stop on your website. We continue our identification of underperformance across your backlink profile, your content, your existing analytical data, your local SEO profile (if applicable), and so on (the list is long, and we like to keep that part proprietary to help us maintain our position as a leading SEO agency).

3 – Creating Your Plan

The Propellic™ Organic Visibility Framework™ wouldn’t be so heavily awarded if it weren’t for the plan consolidation stage of the SEO engagement.

In this final phase of the Identification step, we work with you to develop a plan that bridges the gap between your underperforming assets and your future goals. This is where the rubber hits the road because it connects deliverables to outcomes – which means all we need to do after this phase is complete is Implement and Influence.

Identification Phase Deliverables

The identification phase includes the following deliverables:

  • Goal Setting Documentation
  • Goal Setting 1-on-1 Training & Strategy Session
  • Preliminary Keyword Research
  • Onsite SEO Audit
  • Existing Data Analysis
  • Competitive & Industry Research
  • Local SEO Audit
  • Brand Writer Identification
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Keyword Targeting Plan
  • Tracking & Performance Metric Setting
  • Finalized Scope of Work & Implementation Plan

2. Implement the Plan

Nice work – you actually have a plan now. That puts you ahead of about 95% of the other sites currently engaged in an increasingly useless succession of random acts of SEO.

1 – Tracking Everything

Imagine doing two things to grow your business. One brings a 10x return on investment and the other is a pit of money with no results. If you don’t have the mechanisms in place to track which one is performing better (in other words, you’re like most businesses), then you’re missing out on 50% of the return on your investment. – Spending $6,500/mo? Yeah, that’s $32,000 in monthly losses by this logic.

It’s time to get out of that dark cave you’ve been living in. Propellic Analytics™ is your escape route. In the Implementation stage of your SEO campaign, we start by putting a number to everything, doing our very best to connect deliverables to both your revenue numbers and, when possible, your profit numbers. We want to know that your $1,200 investment in acquiring an authority backlink is the reason you made $8,900 in the three months following. That puts us in a position to make strategic decisions that will put money in your bank account and change your life.

2 – Optimizing Everything

Now that we have a plan for how we’re going to optimize your website (from the Identification step), we’ll work with you to implement it. Everything from meta descriptions to schema markup. And let me remind you that this is NOT a random act of SEO. These are changes that are being strategically made to get you from where you stand today to your goals for this time next year. If it’s not going to help, we’re not going to do it just because “that’s what you’re supposed to do.” By the time we’ve optimized everything, Google is going to freaking love your site. 

3 – Getting Local

If you’re a local business owner, you may hear that your business doesn’t show the correct address/phone number/hours or any number of other attributes on Apple Maps, Waze, Google My Business, Yelp, and so on (for about 75 other platforms). – And yes, you can go create individual business accounts for each of those 75+ platforms and update your information, but that’s a serious waste of time (and it isn’t something you, as a business owner, should ever spend your valuable time doing). That goes without saying that… even if you do fix your business’ information, there’s a solid chance it won’t publish correctly, or will randomly start showing the wrong information a few weeks later.

That’s no good. And the third step of the Organic Visibility Framework™ is to syndicate all of the correct business information to all of these local directories from a single, centralized dashboard. Closed for Hanukkah? Log into one dashboard, update your hours, and all of your listings will reflect the change. – Now, that’s great and all, right? But it’s no just ease-of-use that we’re going for here.

By having your listings be accurate, identical, and completely filled out across the most popular business directories, you’re actively making Google more confident in your business’s legitimacy, professionalism, and authority – all of which contribute to higher rankings (and dare I say rankings in the Google local 3-pack).

Implementation Phase Deliverables

The Implementation phase includes the following deliverables:

  • Exclusive access to Propellic Analytics™
  • Setup of Google Analytics, Google Search Console, call tracking, form tracking, and revenue tracking where applicable
  • SEO audit implementation and before/after scoring data
  • Backlink disavow file creation where necessary
  • Local listing syndication
  • Review management setup & training

3. Impact

Nice work – you actually have a plan now. That puts you ahead of about 95% of the other sites currently engaged in an increasingly useless succession of random acts of SEO.

With Identification and Implementation out of the way, we’ve found our shortcomings and completely obliterated them. Nice. Now is when we start kicking butt and taking names (in other words, writing awesome and discoverable content).

1 – Publish Content

Your blog actually sucks. Remember that 600-word blog post you put up a few weeks ago? Waste of time. Remember how you said you’d be posting a new blog post every week this year? Forget about it.

For every 25 business owners I talk to, 24 of them either don’t have a blog or they have a blog that is doing absolutely nothing to grow their business. At the very best, writing and maintaining a blog is a huge distraction (and yet another random act of SEO). For a blog to be effective, it must revolve around a defined keyword strategy with a strong internal linking process. If you don’t have that, then the minimal traffic your blog is driving is doing absolutely nothing to your profit. Quit it.

If you’re ready to stop wasting time on an ineffective content strategy, let us take you through the Organic Visibility Framework™ content process to develop your voice, formulate a content strategy backed by SEO greatness, and turn your website into an authoritative source off industry-leading insight.

2 – Acquire Links

No, not 10,000 spammy backlinks… more like 5-10 high authority backlinks every month – all of which are acquired through natural link outreach to a network of publishers who absolutely love the resources we build out for our clients.

Link building not only increases your domain authority but also drives qualified traffic and contributes to PR opportunities. We start the link building process by selecting and/or developing an asset that is considered “Linkable.” For example, an infographic, complete guide to a topic, or influencers round-up… then, we develop a list of publishers to contact based on your link strategy, and begin the outreach process.

When you get high-quality websites to link to your site and your content, it’s essentially a “tip of the hat” to you in the eyes of Google’s PageRank algorithm, which measures site value based on external linking websites. The more hats tippin’, the more search engine visibility you’ll earn.

3 – Reinforce Strategy

We keep a close eye on the performance of your campaign as it relates to the plan developed in the Identification phase. In this phase, which begins in the third month, we work to catch stale deliverables in your campaign before they become wasteful. For example, back in 2016, we put a lot of effort into developing a link profile that included EDU (.edu) links, which generally were assumed to carry a higher value than .com links given that they symbolize a university’s endorsement. But, over time, it became easier to acquire EDU links – frankly, all you needed to do was pay off a college student who runs a blog for their student organization and you have yourself an EDU link.

As we started to notice that the EDU links weren’t packing the punch they had in the past, we removed them from our service offering months before the industry caught onto the change, ultimately saving our client base several thousands of dollars in deliverables that served little to no purpose in their campaign strategy.

That is what we mean by reinforcing the strategy – which is why our SEO campaigns don’t go stale, and our clients renew their engagements before we even ask.

Impact Phase Deliverables

The Impact phase includes the following deliverables:

  • Blog Content
  • Service/Product/Local Page Content
  • Variable Link Outreach
  • Guaranteed Publishing Partner Links
  • Linkable asset development
  • Ongoing keyword research
  • Ongoing deliverable & strategy refinement