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Get Big Results in your WooCommerce Store with SEO

The easy-to-install WooCommerce SEO-friendly plugin allows you to turn a WordPress site into a customizable eCommerce store. But after you get it all set up, how do you attract customers?

That’s where we come in. WooCommerce SEO can help you show up on the first page of Google search results, so the people already searching for your products can find (and buy) them.

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Why Choose Propellic as Your WooCommerce SEO Agency

We know you have choices when it comes to choosing a WooCommerce SEO agency. And we know many of them promise they can help your store to rank higher in Google searches. But when it comes to SEO for your business, pick an SEO agency that can back up its promises with case studies and experience.

Work Directly with WooCommerce SEO Experts 

We are a WooCommerce SEO company, and our SEO experts are in-house. You’ll work directly with an SEO Strategist and Client Success Advocate. We’ll learn everything about your products and industry, and create an adaptable strategy to help you avoid common SEO errors.

eCommerce SEO is Our Speciality

Many of our clients use Shopify, but we also have many who use WooCommerce to build their online stores. We’ve got experience and, as a reputable eCommerce SEO agency, we know exactly how much good SEO can impact the organic search performance of a WooCommerce product store.

Transparency and a Proven WooCommerce Strategy

We’re all about your goals, audience, and industry. And we’ll be transparent with our process, whether it’s in our bi-weekly meetings and updates, or our monthly reporting. We’ll notice concerns before they become full-blown issues.

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Honesty and transparency are the two main things that differentiate them from any SEO company I’ve ever worked with.

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What is WooCommerce SEO?

SEO for WooCommerce is all about optimizing your product pages and product category pages to help them rank in Google search. This optimization means using WordPress hosting to bring in relevant audiences who didn’t even know they were ready to buy.

And WooCommerce SEO helps the shoppers who are ready to buy find you. WooCommerce SEO is about driving traffic and boosting your revenue.

WooCommerce SEO: Our eCommerce SEO Process

So, what is it like to work with PixelCut Labs to improve your WooCommerce SEO? Here’s exactly what our SEO audit services process is and each step we’ll take to turn your store into a WooCommerce powerhouse.

Our WooCommerce Website Analysis

Our WooCommerce SEO services are a multi-step, intensive process. All of our clients start with the following audits. We use these audits to structure and inform the ongoing SEO campaign and find any errors that may hold back your business. That way, we know exactly what we need to do for your specific site. And we can make a tailored strategy just for your business.

Website Quality Audit

In the Website Quality Audit, we look under the hood. We conduct a full crawl of the entire website. Then we’ll compare each URL we reviewed with data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Keyword Rankings, and Backlinks. From there, we’ll figure out the next steps for your WooCommerce site and find any errors that need to be corrected.

Technical Audit

Our Technical Audit is conducted manually by our SEO Strategist. No robots here! This audit takes a look at every aspect of your website’s accessibility, like your Content, Indexability, Crawlability, Links, Page Speed, and User Experience. We also pay special attention to your product URLs to ensure there aren’t any errors or duplicate content, and that they match the product description.

Keyword Research 

We’ll do some Keyword Research to find the best keyword for each product page and product category page. These keywords are chosen based on relevancy, search volume, and keyword difficulty, so we can make sure to drive traffic to your WooCommerce product pages.

On-Page SEO

At this stage, we optimize product pages. We’ll recommend a new page title, meta description, H1, and URL structure for pages we identify as essential to rank in Google. We’ll make some alt text recommendations for your products, and we’ll even make some recommendations regarding the Schema Markup.

Competitor Keyword Gap Analysis

Ever wonder what keywords your competitors are ranking for? Wonder no more! We provide you with an overview of how your product pages are doing in comparison to your competitors. We identify what keywords of yours are outperforming your competition, where you may be lagging, and where your site doesn’t rank at all. We also provide resources to help you identify new product ventures with good search volume.

Content Audit

Our Content Audit is an in-depth manual audit of every resource, blog post, and article on your website. This review helps us find where your content may be lacking in the eyes of your customers. And we make recommendations to repurpose (without making duplicate content) or edit your content for SEO.

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SEO for WooCommerce: Frequently Asked Questions

Is SEO Important for Ecommerce?

SEO is the best way to make sure customers find your product pages. Even if you have a large social following, you never know when those algorithms will change and when your followers will no longer see your products in their social feeds. 

But with SEO for WooCommerce, you’re signaling Google that your product exists and that it’s trustworthy and deserves displaying to the people searching for the keywords you’re targeting. 

And the best part? SEO isn’t like some ad campaign where you have to keep paying for your products to be seen. You invest in your SEO with a WooCommerce SEO agency and then watch as traffic rolls in for years to come.

Is WooCommerce SEO-Friendly?

WooCommerce is super SEO-friendly. Because it runs as part of a WordPress site, you also get the added benefit of WordPress SEO compliance and all the WordPress plugins that help with SEO, like Yoast or All-in-One SEO plugins. 

These are some of the bonuses you get when you choose WordPress hosting. They can give your site a bigger boost than the Shopify hosting SEO features.

It’s important to remember that with WooCommerce SEO, a lot of the work to build SEO is on you, the store owner.

So it comes down to writing optimized product descriptions that target keywords people are already searching for. 

Optimizing your product page titles and product categories is essential too. Just as it’s crucial to make sure the URL for your products contain the product name in them.

So, is WooCommerce SEO friendly?

Yep! All the SEO WooCommerce features and capabilities are there if you choose WordPress for your site hosting. But if you’d like a little help setting those up, well… You know who to contact.

How Long Does it Take to See Results from WooCommerce SEO?

We wish we could answer this question and give you a definite timeline. But that’s not how SEO works. When it comes to WooCommerce SEO, there are a lot of factors that play into whether a product listing will rank higher in a Google search. 

Results are never guaranteed. In general, it’s common not to see any significant results for 12-18 months. And SEO is a constant work in progress, not something anyone can “set and forget.”

This uncertainty is one of many reasons we recommend working with WooCommerce SEO experts who understand Google’s algorithm is constantly changing. Plus, SEO experts understand the peculiarities of different eCommerce hosting platforms and can help you create an adaptable and flexible strategy designed for your site alone. 

How Much Does eCommerce SEO Cost?

All websites are different, and so is every eCommerce store hosting platform. We don’t pre-price our SEO packages because one WooCommerce SEO strategy won’t work for multiple clients, and no two eCommerce stores need the same help. We would hate to charge you for services you don’t need or assume we knew what was best for your industry and products without even doing research beforehand.

At Propellic, we will never pre-price services without first looking at your website and discussing the goals you have for your eCommerce store. That way, we have a better idea of the work involved. 

Beware when it comes to SEO agencies that make big promises. And if that company quotes you a price without understanding your goals and your business, there’s a chance they don’t really know what they’re talking about, or they’ll ruin your site’s credibility in Google’s eyes with tons of errors and scammy tactics.

If you’re interested in working with us and would like to know more about what goes into our WooCommerce SEO services, reach out. We’re always transparent and won’t pressure you into any service that doesn’t fit your business or the platform you use for hosting your store.

About Propellic

Propellic is an SEO agency run by a small team of dedicated professionals who want to see your business succeed. We have WooCommerce SEO experts ready to help your products get to the first page of Google’s search results. We’ve been featured in places like “Forbes,” “USA Today,” and “Inc.”

Propellic is dedicated to the values of transparency, education, and accountability. 

Transparency. Everything is available on our client-facing dashboard, from internal communication to task status. You’ll always know where we are in the process of building your WooCommerce SEO strategy.

Education. We’ve created a systematic SEO learning program for our clients to be a part of every strategic decision and understand the intricacies of their eCommerce hosting platform. Some agencies like to pretend SEO is just a bunch of smoke and mirrors. We want you to know how it works to make informed decisions for your business.

Accountability. On the off chance that we don’t deliver something on time or to standards, we’ll make it up to you with additional deliverables and then volunteer at a charity of your choice.

To us, there’s nothing better than the feeling we get when we help a client achieve their goals. We’ve spent the past five years building our team, perfecting our processes, and working with amazing business owners to help them conquer their SEO goals. We’d love to work with you too.

Schedule a free consultation by clicking the button below. We’d love to help your site stand out.