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We get it. You want the results small business SEO can provide, but also have to protect your business from making the wrong decision. Here are some of the things we do to earn our clients’ trust.

1) Our process is yours to examine.  Ask us anything! You’ll discover we don’t have a secret sauce… we just work harder than everyone else.

2) No one can guarantee Rank 1.  We’ll do our best to get you ranked for low competition keywords early so you don’t have to wait a year to see results. Instead, results come in waves starting as early as a few months in. 

3) We show you everything in our reporting.  We take credit for our successes, and responsibility for our failures – and you’ll see them all in black and white. 

  • Open communication
  • Realistic approach
  • Straight-forward reporting

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Did You Know…


91% of all organic search traffic goes to sites on page 1.


The average length of a first-page result’s content is 1,890 words.


51% of all search traffic can be traced back to an organic search result.


73 billion calls started with a web search in 2018.


Over 40% of online revenue is captured from organic traffic.

There are 10 results on the first page of a Google search for any given keyword.

Let’s talk to see if we can make you one of them.

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Your SEO Game Plan

Meet the 3-Step Framework At The Heart Of Our SEO Packages

Step 1: Creating Your SEO Plan

What keywords should you target given your budget? What content should be on your site? What’s working? What’s not? Let’s answer these questions and come up with a 12-24 month campaign plan together.

Again, our first objective is to identify low competition keywords. In plain English, it means we’ll find out what words or phrases (keywords) people are typing into Google, that aren’t matching to a lot of websites (low competition).

The long-term plan varies depending on what type of business you have. An SEO strategy for a small business is different than an international brand’s eCommerce SEO strategy. How many keywords you want to target, the type of content you currently have, and the operating budget for your campaign are all factors in a long-term SEO plan.

  • Award-Winning Keyword Research
  • Manual On-site Audit & Optimization
  • Deliverables Tailored for Small Business SEO
Propellic SEO Direction
Propellic Isometric SEO Rankings Graphic

Step 2: Building Your Authority

Optimizing your website copy (the content on your site) with your keywords is the next step to building “Website Authority.” Think of it this way – when you type something into Google, you’re asking a question. Google wants to give you the most authoritative answer.

Google looks at countless factors to determine if a website has the information people are searching for. How long do people stay on that page? Do they come back to it? Do they click links on it? Do other websites point to it? The list goes on and on. 

Your web pages will need to have the keywords we’re targeting in just the right places. But more than that – the content on your pages needs to be good – really goodIt needs to provide value because Google assumes people only interact with pages that provide value to them.

  • Individual Page content writing
  • Blog & Editorial Calendar Management
  • Ongoing Blog Posts & SEO Innovation

Step 3: Increasing Your Credibility

Once your website is providing real value to visitors, we then need to increase your credibility. This works just as you’d expect. It’s nice to say “my company is awesome and reliable,” but it means more when other people say “that company is awesome and reliable.”

One of the ways other sources can tell Google your website is awesome and reliable is through backlinks. This is simply a link on a site that you don’t own pointing back to your original content on your website. Small business SEO experts agree that this makes up nearly – if not more than – a third of a successful SEO strategy. It’s best to have your backlinks on websites that get a lot of traffic and have solid reputations like USA Today, Forbes, and Inc Magazine. We regularly secure links on these sites and many others for clients just like you. 

If you’re thinking “How can I get a backlink on,” don’t worry.  We’ll write the content for you and simply ask if they would like to post it. Websites that bring in a lot of traffic are always looking for new content!  They get a great article for their readers, and you get a link back to your site!  It’s a win-win!

  • Ongoing Backlink Building Services
  • Focused and High-Value Blogger Outreach
  • Suppression and Disavow Services for Spammy Links
Propellic Technical SEO & Link Building

Learn How The Plan Will Work For You

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I Just Wish You Knew…

Have you ever entered search terms into Google, with great anticipation, waiting to see where your website falls in the rankings?

I sure have. So have many of my clients. Why are those rankings so important you?  Because you’ve got a company that needs capital to survive. You’re well aware these search results matter, and to improve them you probably need some help improving your small business SEO.

That’s why you’re here, right?

The rubber really meets the road when you search for a Search Engine Optimization company, doesn’t it?! An SEO company’s ranking is a true indicator of their skill! But even though you found us on page 1 – you’re still cautious. You wonder if we can deliver on our promises? Can we get you ranked where you want? How long will it take to see results? Perhaps most importantly, is this investment actually going to make you money?

We totally get it. SEO is a big investment for any small business, and it’s made over a long period of time. You have to be careful.

People trust businesses on page 1. Page 1 companies get more clicks and more sales. That takes the growth cap off your business. It frees you from worrying about your company’s cash flow and allows you to get back to the things you love doing.

I just wish you knew how dedicated I am to your success. I wish you knew what it’s like having a trusted and reliable guide standing in your corner, scrutinizing every data point to ensure the money you’re investing in small business SEO is actually making you money in return

Imagine what it would feel like opening a positive weekly update email after a rough quarter at work (that’s an actual email I had the privilege of receiving from a client).

The image on the right is the reply I got.

If you will loan me 10% of your trust… I promise I’ll earn the other 90%.

Brennen Bliss
Founder & CEO

In Our Clients’ Words:


Thanks Brennen and Aki!

Been a stressful couple of months. I have had little luck in finding people here in TX that are reliable so far. You are the bright ones.

I appreciate the follow up (even when I have not been available).

I am convinced that, given the business climate, if we had more people like you guys, we would be unstoppable. The regulations are pro-business but the people we’ve met don’t seem to be as on-the-ball as they could be to take advantage of the situation. I wish I could find more people like you to partner up with. I think we could make a killing in a number of fields.

– Small Business Owner


We use Propellic for SEO and Local SEO services for our multi-unit veterinary hospitals. The Propellic team is extremely knowledgable and easy to work with. They communicate very well with us and take the time to explain areas of their work that we don't always understand. They also have been great about communicating with our other vendors and helping solve problems so that we can all work as one team. I can't recommend Propellic enough!

Brooke Cox - The Pet Vet[on]

Propellic has a very professional and accommodating team.
Propellic truly cares that their clients understand their small business SEO services and are happy with their content.
This is a hard-working team of real, relatable people with integrity!

Emily Sloan - Girlie Girl Originals™[on]

I really enjoyed working with Brennen and his team. They were eager to work with us for a good outcome, showed a compelling creative vision, and leveraged a large network of resources to be able to deliver and deliver quickly. The enthusiasm and eagerness were invigorating, and the creative vision was excellent.

John Sturdivant - Texas Speciality Sands[on]

Your Greatest Risk In Choosing A Small Business SEO Partner


The search engine optimization industry has created a bad name for itself.  Most of our clients have had at least one disappointing experience with an SEO agency who couldn’t deliver on their promises.

We see it all the time. That’s why we operate with total transparency in everything we do. Let’s define what “transparency” means to us, so you understand the steps we’ve taken to lower your risk in working with us.

First of all, we are not afraid to show you how we price campaigns. There is a mathematical formula behind what you pay, and we would be happy to walk you through it in a free SEO Strategy Consultation.

Second, there is transparency in our communication. You will never have to wonder how things are progressing because you’ll have regular update calls (you decide if they’re bi-weekly, or monthly), where we discuss our progress and answer any questions you may have. We’ll tell you what’s working, and what isn’t. We absolutely refuse to hide negative outcomes in our reports. We’re not perfect, and sometimes we don’t get the results we want, as quickly as we want. Chances are, when things go awry at your company – you own the issue, are open about it, learn from it, correct it, and move on. That’s what we do too. We believe your business is too important to do otherwise.

Third, we’ll help you interpret the data we collect into tangible, actionable, and understandable business intelligence! We do this through our phone and email correspondence, but also by delivering your campaign data in a real-time reporting dashboard. It’s called Propellic Analytics™. Here are some of the things you’ll see in your dashboard:

  • The dollar value to your company that has been generated as a result of the SEO campaign
  • The number of people calling your business as a result of the SEO campaign
  • The number of visits to your website and what percent of those visits turn into customers
  • The keywords being searched to reach your website
  • Your position for all target keywords over time

We are committed to Transparency. We’re also committed to Accountability and Education. Those are our three core values. We would love to show you how we implement them in a free 60-minute-long SEO Strategy Consultation. To set up your consultation, click here.

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