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Scale Your Business and Outrank the Competition

Shopify makes it easy to manage a business and sell your products. But standing out in a sea of competitor products isn’t easy. Search Engine Optimization increases your visibility in online search results and helps increase your sales. Working with a professional SEO firm that offers Shopify SEO Services can help your business rank higher in search results and sell more.

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We Understand the Shopify Marketing Struggle

Running a business is no simple feat. You have to monitor inventory, ship orders, and track delivery while also trying to market your products. Partnering with an eCommerce SEO agency allows you to focus on running your business while we improve your online visibility and search traffic. At Propellic, we understand your Shopify marketing struggles, and we can help you avoid them.

Budgeting for PPC and Social Media Ads is Expensive

Social platforms aren’t transparent about their algorithms. You can spend thousands of dollars with little (if any) return on your investment. And even if your ad brings in new customers, as soon as the ad ends, you’re back where you started.

Building Trust Among Shoppers can be Difficult

Ads flood online shoppers, either on their social feeds or inboxes. It can be challenging to stand out. Plus, shoppers are less likely to trust products pitched to them in ads. SEO allows shoppers to come to you. They’re more trusting of products that they find on their own.

Standing Out in Online eCommerce Competition is Tiresome

Amazon, Etsy, and other marketplace platforms make it almost impossible to stand out among competitors. Showing up in a Google search can be just as tricky without help from SEO specialists.

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Why Shopify SEO with Propellic

Working with a Shopify SEO agency can be a gamechanger if you’re ready to scale your online business. We offer Shopify SEO services to help your products rank higher in Google search to help you establish authority in your industry.

Work Directly with Our Shopify SEO Experts 

At Propellic, our Shopify SEO Experts handle everything in-house. You work directly with an SEO Strategist and Client Success Advocate to develop the best, most adaptable strategies for your products and potential new revenue opportunities. We value your success, and we’ll work with you to get there.

Shopify SEO and eCommerce is Our Speciality

Thorough knowledge of Shopify’s unique behavior ensures that your campaign succeeds and that nothing harms your shop’s current performance. Propellic specializes in Shopify SEO services, and that includes optimizing product pages, building contextual links, developing effective collections pages, and driving eCommerce sales through content in the Shopify blog.

Transparency and a Proven Strategy

Propellic offers transparency in the form of bi-weekly meetings and weekly updates on your campaign’s status. We also provide monthly reporting. We’ll get to know your brand and your goals for it, so we can identify areas for improvement.

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Honesty and transparency are the two main things that differentiate them from any SEO company I’ve ever worked with.

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What is Shopify SEO?

Shopify SEO helps companies reach shoppers actively searching for their products. These shoppers are ready to buy, and our Shopify SEO Experts can help them find you. Shopify SEO is unique to the Shopify CMS platform. Our Shopify SEO services improve your site’s content and technical structure for better search results.

How Our Shopify SEO Works

It can feel like SEO is a bunch of digital smoke and mirrors, but that’s not the case. And Propellic wants to make sure you understand our recommendations and why we make them.

We believe in transparency.

That’s why we clearly lay out our Shopify SEO Audit process. Our SEO Audit Services are crucial for building a well-rounded Shopify SEO strategy.

Our Intensive 6-Step Shopify Website Audit

All our Shopify SEO Services begin with a six-step, intensive SEO Audit. These audits are the beginning of your company’s Shopify SEO strategy.

We use them to structure and inform the ongoing SEO strategy. We want to ensure your company’s products get higher search rankings while establishing your industry authority.

Website Quality Audit

In the Website Quality Audit, our SEO team conducts a full crawl of your company’s website. We cross-reference the information from the crawl with data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, keyword rankings, and backlinks to determine the best next steps for each section of your website.

Technical Audit

Our Technical Audit Service reviews every aspect of your website’s accessibility, like content, indexability, crawlability, links, page speed, and user experience.

An SEO Strategist completes this process manually. In the end, you get an assessment of prioritized high-impact changes to make to your company’s website, embracing the 80/20 principle. In other words, we focus only on the items that are going to make a notable difference for your site.

Keyword Research 

For each of your product and category pages, we’ll conduct Keyword Research to determine the best target keyword for each page. We choose these keywords based on relevancy, search volume, and keyword difficulty. Our goal is to drive the right kind of traffic to your product pages.

On-Page SEO

Once we determine which pages are essential for ranking, we make recommendations about how to improve them. These improvements include a new page title, meta description, H1, URL structure based on the page’s target keyword, alt text recommendations, and Schema Markup.

Competitor Keyword Gap Analysis

The Competitor Keyword Gap Analysis provides an overview of how your website performs compared to your competitors or companies offering similar products. This analysis identifies what keywords you are outperforming your competitors for and where there is room for improvement. You’ll also receive recommendations for some potential new product ventures with good search volume.

Content Audit

The Content Audit provides your company with an in-depth manual audit of every resource and blog post on your company’s website. Then, you’ll receive recommendations to repurpose or edit content for better SEO.

Content Strategy

To create an SEO-based content strategy for your business, we will create an Editorial Calendar. We base the calendar on Keyword Research conducted in the audit process.

We base the topics for new content on what we identify as the best opportunities to increase email subscribers and product sales. This relevant and highly-ranked new content enables your website to funnel new traffic to product pages, email subscriptions, and remarketing.

Link Building

Like most SEO agencies, we acknowledge that content is invaluable. But link building is also significant and generally necessary for SEO success. And you must do it within Google’s guidelines to avoid potential penalties. We perform link building in-house. Our outreach process for finding relevant link-building opportunities has your specific pages in mind.

We make asks and recommendations on a case-by-case basis. We choose all link-building strategies based on the best way to acquire backlinks for your company, whether that’s through guest posts, product roundups, or something else.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SEO for Shopify

Is Shopify Good for SEO?

Shopify is a powerful eCommerce platform with a full suite of features to help you run your online store. Shopify allows you to manage your business in a single, central command center, so that you can sync the inventory in your physical and online stores.

Shopify gives businesses a hosted online store to create web pages and blog posts and sell their products. SEO, however, isn’t a core Shopify feature. Propellic can help your company’s website realize its potential through our Shopify SEO services.

No one platform offers businesses the ability to host their products online while also giving them perfectly-optimized posts. SEO is a process that takes time and strategy. When done correctly, SEO enhances your business’s online presence.

Working with a Shopify SEO agency is key to getting higher rankings for your Shopify site.

How Much Do Shopify SEO Services Cost?

In the crowded world of eCommerce, you can’t put a price tag on good SEO. It’s the difference between your business being lost on the 10th page of Google search results and showing up in front of your ideal customer on Page 1. Companies need good SEO to stand out in their industry and attract customers.

If you’re interested in having an experienced, in-house team of Shopify SEO experts help you build an SEO strategy to scale your online store, book a free consultation with Propellic. We want to discuss your SEO goals, what type of SEO services would benefit your business and your monthly SEO budget.

How Long Does it Take to See Results from Shopify SEO?

When it comes to seeing results from our Shopify SEO services, there are too many factors to consider to give an exact timeframe. Also, results aren’t guaranteed.

That’s why it’s essential to work with Shopify SEO experts who can provide an adaptable SEO strategy and understand that Google’s algorithm is constantly changing. A company may not see significant results for as long as 12-18 months, but sometimes it can be quicker.

From technical SEO and keyword research to content planning, a lot goes into good SEO.

Some Shopify SEO companies may promise specific results or guarantee quick turnarounds on web traffic.

Beware! Google doesn’t like web spam, and sketchy SEO practices or paid backlinks could get your site in trouble in the long run. Avoid any SEO agencies offering services with quick turnarounds or outrageous promises.

About Propellic

Propellic is a U.S. Search Award-winning SEO agency offering various eCommerce SEO Services to companies looking to stand out online. Forbes, TED, AdWeek, SEJ, Inc., and USA Today have featured our company. We have a team of Shopify SEO experts ready to improve your company’s search rankings and revenue. You can focus on running your business while we do the SEO work.

Propellic is a small team built on the following values:

  • Transparency. From internal communication to task status, everything is available on our client-facing dashboard. This dashboard means every client knows exactly what we’re working on and where we are together in the process.
  • Education. We’ve created a systematic SEO learning program for our clients so they can be a part of every strategic decision. We want our clients to understand SEO. We also want to take the mystery and stress out of the process.
  • Accountability. If we don’t deliver something on time or to your standards, we’ll make it right with additional deliverables. We’ll also volunteer at a charity of your choice to compensate for the inconvenience.

We’ve spent the past five years perfecting what we do and working with companies to improve their eCommerce SEO. We are specialists who love to work with businesses to help them grow and thrive in the online world. To us, there is no greater sense of joy and accomplishment than helping companies achieve their goals.