SEO Copywriting Services That Drive Measurable Results

SEO copywriting (content writing) is at the core of every successful search engine optimization campaign. Increase the traffic to your blog, eCommerce store, news site, or service pages through our four-step SEO copywriting process.

Our SEO Copywriting Process

Our SEO copywriting process includes researching & selecting topics, analyzing competing content, developing an advanced content outline and the content writing of the final content deliverable. Each of these services is also independently available.

Keyword Research

SEO Research & Topic Selection

If you haven’t already selected a topic, we will use Ahrefs and SEMrush to help you find an opportunity.

Competitive Research

The second step in our SEO content process is analyzing the competitive landscape for the selected content topic.

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Content Outline Development

The core differentiator of our content process is the development of an SEO-backed content outline. This is what creates results.

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SEO Copywriting

You can use our content outline and create the article on your end, or add an extra SEO punch by having us develop the content in-house.

How Businesses Use Our SEO Content

Fully-Optimized Blog Posts

Our SEO content are at the core of hundreds of blog posts. As a boutique agency, we select our clients carefully to ensure that we have the tools necessary to grow their blog audiences. Combined with link building services and onsite SEO, you’ll be driving tens of thousands of visitors to your blog in less time than you ever thought possible.

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eCommerce Product Page SEO

When you search for a product online, the stores that appear at the top of the search engine ranking page (SERP) are there because they are better optimized to your target search than other pages. Our SEO copywriting services include per-product description writing to help supercharge your eCommerce product pages.

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Service Page SEO Copywriting

You landed on this page because it’s optimized for the keywords you searched. That’s a perfect example of effective serve page optimization through experienced SEO copywriters. Whether you have one service or thirty, we’ll work with you to develop an SEO content strategy that will help you reach your target audiences.

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SEO Copywriting for Service Pages

The SEO Copywriting Process

Step 1: Research & Topic Selection

We’ll start in one of two ways, depending on whether you have a topic ready or not:

If you’ve already selected a topic: We’ll do some supporting research on your topic of choice to make sure it has potential to rank well, and that it can generate traffic.

If you haven’t yet selected a topic: You’ll work with our SEO analyst to identify topics relevant to your brand and voice. The topic selection for your SEO content will be balanced on the difficulty to rank for a given topic, the number of searches for that topic, what type of pages rank for that topic, and your brand’s voice. There is no additional charge for topic selection. 

Step 2: Competitive Research

The second step of our SEO content writing process is thoroughly analyzing what is working and what is not working for the articles that are currently ranking. We will look at the results on the first and second page of Google for your topic and create an argument as to how each of the following should be used (this is not, by any means, an exhaustive list – but rather, a taste of the things we research):

  • Length of content
  • Schema Markup
  • Use of bulleted lists
  • Article structure & heading layout
  • Keyword density
  • Use of question sentences
  • Length of sentences
  • Voice and perspective

We’ll use our findings to develop a thorough content outline during step three of the SEO copywriting process.

Step 3: SEO Content Outline Development

This is the part of our process that is different from other SEO copywriting services. Instead of moving from topic to copywriting, we’ve added a step with the sole purpose of developing a search engine-optimized content plan. We’ll use the information gathered in the competitive research step to create a 5 to 15-page content outline that outlines, in great depth, how the article should be written to maximize the opportunity at hand. While this does take an additional 2-4 hours, it is extremely effective.

Step 4: SEO Copywriting

We turn the content outline into an effective, traffic-generating deliverable for your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Write a 1000-Word Article?

If you come to us with an SEO strategy and a set of target keywords, we can skip the onboarding phase and get straight into content. Anything under 5000 words can typically be returned to you in under two weeks (with optimization already completed). If the content you’ve invested in requires independent research or graphic/infographic design, the timeline can vary. – On the other hand, if you don’t have a list of keywords to target, the process takes an additional week for under 5000 words, so we’re looking at up to 3 weeks from start to finish.

How Much Does it Cost Per Word?

Our SEO copywriting services aren’t billed on a per-word basis because we’re delivering SEO strategy on top of the content. The starting price for a 1000-word lightly-optimized article or web page is just over $1000. The starting price for a 5000-word article is just over $2,200.

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