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Grab Google’s Attention and Get New Customers

As an on-page SEO company, our specialty is strategic optimization that helps your site show up on the front page of Google search results. That’s what our on-page SEO services are all about. On-page SEO is optimizing the content and HTML on website pages and blog posts to help the content rank higher in Google searches.

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Why Partner with Propellic for Your On-Page SEO?


Search Engine Optimization is essential for bringing organic traffic to your company’s website. It can be more reliable than, for instance, paying for clicks on an increasingly competitive and lower-ROI Facebook ad. 

But good SEO takes time, and it can be challenging to know if you’re doing it right. We know it can be overwhelming to juggle all the things you need to do to run your business and the Search Engine Optimization of your website. 

As an SEO company, we know that, and that’s why we offer on-page SEO services. You can worry about running your business, and we handle your site SEO.

We Don’t Guess with Our On-Page SEO

We work with clients in various industries. We make our SEO recommendations based on what we learned from past successful SEO campaigns, and correlative analysis of what is and is not working for each specific keyword. We’ve seen how Google’s algorithm can shift. We use advanced SEO software and statistics to make our recommendations.

We Understand How Users Search

As an SEO company, we figure out the purpose of and the audience for your content using tools to find search intent, search volume, and many other factors. From there, we target keywords to help you achieve your SEO goals.

We Provide Transparency and Personalized SEO Recommendations

We are always transparent with our process and website optimization services, so you can understand what we’re doing and where our recommendations come from. Our on-page SEO recommendations aren’t automated either. Our team makes SEO recommendations for every significant page on your site.

What is On-Page SEO?

So you may be wondering, “What is on-page SEO?” On-page SEO services are Search Engine Optimization services that focus on optimizing your website to rank better in Google searches. 

On-Page SEO is all the things you can do to optimize individual pages on your website. These include updating the page copy, images, videos, meta description, meta tags, image alt text, HTML headings, featured snippet optimization, schema markup, and URLs.

When it’s all said and done, on-page SEO services help pages rank better in Google searches. This effort is a crucial part of site SEO because it’s the first step in signaling to Google what your site is all about. And when done correctly, Search Engine Optimization can get your blog posts and pages in front of more searchers. Better ranking means more leads and customers coming to your website to consume your content and potentially become customers.

How Our On-Page SEO Works

SEO might seem like smoke and mirrors, or at least that’s what some other SEO companies might have you believe. But that’s not how we do it at Propellic. Our process is entirely transparent. We carefully plan our SEO strategy, and our on-page SEO services are only one part of the bigger picture of site SEO services.

Here’s how our on-page SEO services work.

Step 1: Perform Keyword Research

Keyword research comes first in our on-page SEO services. Before we optimize your website, we have to know what we’re optimizing for. We love SEO, and in on-page SEO s, we’ll help you choose target keywords based on relevancy, search volume, and keyword difficulty to drive the right traffic to your site. 

This step is vital because not all websites can rank for the same keywords. We wouldn’t want to target a keyword that puts your site in competition with Apple’s website, for example. That likely would be a waste of time and money.

Part of our on site SEO services is making sure all that information matches your keyword’s search intent. We do this to show Google that the information on that page is relevant to the keyword, and your page is a trustworthy source of information to provide searchers.

WBeyond search intent, we consider keyword difficulty, search volume, profitability of a lead generated by said keyword, and sources of related expertise currently existing on your website when prioritizing target keywords.

Step 2: Create On-Page SEO Recommendations

The second step of our on-page SEO services is creating recommendations. After we look at keywords, we create a detailed report full of advice for updates to page text, meta tags, schema markup, and more. We design these recommendations to significantly impact the search volume that will come to this particular page.

Step 3: Receive a Detailed On-Page SEO Report

In our SEO reporting, you’ll receive a full rundown with high-impact on-page SEO recommendations. These recommendations will include updates to page titles, header tags, page text, meta tags, schema markup, and alt text. 

Our goal as an on-page SEO company is to help your business get noticed in Google searches. Together, we’ll review these SEO recommendations. You’ll have a chance to work with us to make any changes if our recommendations don’t fit your company’s voice, messaging, or if the keywords don’t seem like the right fit for what you’re offering.

Examples of On-Page SEO Elements

On-page SEO Elements are the things every blog post and website page has. They’re where all good SEO copywriting begins. The following elements are optimized in our on-page SEO services:

  • Title Tags
  • Heading Tags
  • Image Alt Text
  • Internal Links
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Structure Data
  • URLs

Step 4: Review SEO Implementation and Monitor Progress

The last step of our on-page SEO services is ongoing monitoring because performance in SEO is not immediate. Once you implement our SEO recommendations, our team will review the changes to ensure they’re correct.

Then we watch to see how our SEO recommendations perform over the next 3, 6, 12, and 24 months. We’ll monitor your site SEO progress to ensure that page traffic is moving in the right direction. From there, we’ll make further SEO recommendations on what to work on next. 

Frequently Asked Questions About On-Page SEO

What is the Difference Between On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO?

On-page SEO and off-page SEO are both essential for the success of your site’s SEO strategy, but they are two different things. On-page SEO focuses on factors you can control in your website editor. This includes the content you have on your site, as well as the metadata behind that content. 

Off-page SEO is all about how authoritative or popular your site is in relation to the broader internet. This is measured by how many other sites are linking to your site or sharing your content, and how authoritative those websites are. Generally speaking, the keywords you rank for are often a result of on-page SEO, and how high you rank in the search results are often a result of off-page SEO.

While both on-page SEO an off-page SEO are crucial for your site to show up in search results and to increase your rankings in Google, it’s important to note where they differ. On-Page SEO is something you can control. It’s the process of going through all the posts and pages on your site, and making sure each post or page targets an appropriate keyword, and that the metadata and HTML headings all reflect that. 

Off-page SEO is the process of getting more links back to your site to signal to Google that you’re an authority on a particular topic. It’s usually done through guest posting on other sites, or having some of your products or services featured on another site. 

Both forms of SEO are necessary for SEO website optimization.

What are On-Page SEO Factors?

On-Page SEO factors are the SEO elements you can control on your website. Examples of on-page SEO factors includ headings, URL structure, alt text for images, page content, meta descriptions, internal linking, structured data, and more.

What do SEO Services Cost?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to your site’s SEO or on-page SEO services. Every website is different. We don’t offer pre-priced SEO packages because the cost of SEO depends on the size of the website and the amount of work you’d like done. And a good SEO strategy has to be tailored to the site it’s optimizing. So the cost of Search Engine Optimization is on a project-by-project basis.

It’s also important to note that not every SEO firm is equal, nor are all on-Page SEO Services worth your time and money. Many fly-by-night companies probably send you cold emails offering their services at unbelievably cheap prices. SEO is just like everything else in that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

A reputable on-page SEO company will typically avoid pre-pricing their SEO services without knowing what a project will include. Often, low-cost and pre-packaged SEO services use some pretty spammy SEO techniques that will leave your site in worse shape than before and possibly get your site penalized by Google.

Ready to Gain a Competitive Edge Through the Power of On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO is a great way to level up your site SEO and target the relevant keywords to bring the right search traffic to your website. With research, recommendations, and implementation, you could be well on your way to the first page of Google search results. And if you’re tired of using advertising services that only work to bring in traffic for a short time until the ad’s turned off, it’s time to try Search Engine Optimization.

If you’re ready to see how an on-page SEO company can optimize your website and bring in more leads, reach out to Propellic. SEO services are what we do, and we’d love to help you up your SEO game.