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Using SEO for BigCommerce Means Big Money

BigCommerce is the platform behind brands like SkullCandy and Burrow, which means it’s an eCommerce platform that can handle a lot of sales traffic. But once you set up your BigCommerce store, how do you get the customers there? With BigCommerce SEO, that’s how.

Propellic can help your BigCommerce product listings and snippets rank higher in Google searches.

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Why BigCommerce SEO with Propellic

You’re an expert at what you do. You set up an entire BigCommerce store to sell products you believe in. You’re passionate about what you do. And you shouldn’t have to drop everything in your business to build a BigCommerce SEO strategy from scratch. 

You didn’t create your business to care about page load speed or schema markup. So doesn’t it make sense to partner with an eCommerce SEO Agency with endlessly curious SEO strategists who are passionate about what they do, and invested in learning about and growing traffic to your unique catalog?

Work Directly with BigCommerce SEO Experts 

At Propellic, our BigCommerce SEO experts handle everything in-house. We do the technical work and gather insights about your products and industry to create the most likely-to-succeed, adaptable plan for your business. You’ll work directly with the SEO Strategist and Project Manager on your SEO strategy.

Ecommerce SEO is Our Speciality

Don’t go with just any SEO agency. SEO for BigCommerce, while the strategy is quite similar to other platforms, is unique in its technical buildout. We understand the platform’s limits and opportunities. We work with BigCommerce store owners to help them improve their organic search performance while still following Google’s best practices for SEO.

Transparency and a Proven Ecommerce Strategy

Sure, some agencies make you believe SEO is just smoke and mirrors. But we’re transparent about our process and think that’s the key to a successful campaign. We’re always ready to share educational resources and tips, and show you exactly what we do, and how we do it. You’ll always know what’s going on with our bi-weekly meetings and status updates, as well as our monthly reporting on the progress of your campaign. You’ll even have direct access to our project management system so you can see what we’re working on, and when – down to the 15-minute increment.

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eCOmmerce SEO Services

Honesty and transparency are the two main things that differentiate them from any SEO company I’ve ever worked with.

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What is BigCommerce SEO?

BigCommerce SEO is the process of optimizing a store on the BigCommerce platform to show up on the first page of Google search results. It’s not substantially different from working with other eCommerce stores, but BigCommerce is unique.

You need a BigCommerce expert to help you with BigCommerce-specific issues, including the lack of canonicalization options, not being able to stage and test your website before launching changes, and using a subdomain for your blog, rather than the main site. That means you need a strategist who understands the operating behaviors of BigCommerce to help design your strategy, so shoppers actively searching and ready to buy will find your site.

BigCommerce SEO: Our Step-by-Step Process

We offer extensive SEO Audit Services, and we’re well-versed in BigCommerce, as well as several other eCommerce platforms. But what does it look like to work with us? We review it all from Schema Markup & Structured Data to Competitive Analysis to Editorial Recommendations. These are the key components of our BigCommerce SEO analysis process, and each step is essential for building a well-rounded SEO strategy.

Our Full-Service BigCommerce Website Analysis

We know the word “audit” can be scary when you’re talking about taxes. But our audits are positive. They’re part of our six-step intensive process. We use them to structure and inform your ongoing SEO campaign. These audits are how our BigCommerce SEO experts check under the hood, so to speak, so we can see what you’re working with and how we can help you improve it. We then take these insights and build a custom strategy for your brand.

eCommerce Website Quality Analysis

Our BigCommerce SEO services start with a Website Quality Analysis. This process involves a full crawl of your website. That means we take a look at information from all the URLs on your site and cross-reference that with information we get from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Keyword Rankings, and Backlinks. From there, we decide the next best steps for your website – page-by-page.

Custom BigCommerce Technical Analysis

We don’t automate our Technical Audit process. It’s done manually by our SEO Strategist. During this process, we take a look at your website’s accessibility. This review includes your Content, Indexability, Crawlability, Links, Page Speed, and User Experience.

Keyword Research for Product & Category Pages

For each of your BigCommerce product pages and product category pages, we perform Keyword Research to determine the best target keyword to optimize each page for so you rank higher in searches. This research is where it comes in handy to work with real SEO experts. We help you choose target keywords based on relevancy, search volume, and keyword difficulty to drive more traffic to your products. This is also where you come in. We’ll ask you about product profitability, inventory, and historical successes to help us prioritize keyword targeting together. 

On-Page SEO for BigCommerce Websites

On-Page SEO is the process of going through product pages that are important for ranking in a Google search, and optimizing product descriptions, product titles, the alt text of the products, the meta description, and URL structure. And we’ll even help with the Schema Markup.

eCommerce Competitor Keyword Gap Analysis

This process also is one of the best reasons to work with seasoned SEO experts. We provide an overview of how your website performs compared to your competitors within the same industry or with similar products. We identify the keywords where you’re outranking your competitors, where you’re lagging, and where you don’t rank at all. And when we finish, we give you some resources that identify potential new product ventures that people are already searching for.

Content Analysis

In the Content Analysis, we’ll look at your SEO for resources, snippets, blog posts, or articles on your website. This process helps us get some insights into where your content may lack or bring in your ideal audience. From there, we’ll make some recommendations to help you repurpose or edit your content for better BigCommerce SEO.

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SEO for BigCommerce: Frequently Asked Questions

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform businesses can use to set up online stores. Many platforms make it quick and easy for companies to set up their one online store, and BigCommerce is one of them.

BigCommerce allows users to set up their unique store using a drag-and-drop page builder (or a more custom site, if you have a development background) and create a customized checkout experience for their customers.

BigCommerce allows for mobile optimization as well.

You can customize your BigCommerce theme or even integrate your BigCommerce store with your pre-existing WordPress site. Plus, all product listings on BigCommerce have completely customizable snippets to help them rank higher in searches.

BigCommerce is great for all the things that your customers care about.

You can create coupons and discounts natively, so no coding is required. And with BigCommerce, you get the digital wallets feature, which allows your customers to pay with Apple Pay or One Touch, among many others.

Is BigCommerce Good for SEO?

BigCommerce is not the best for SEO given some of its limitations, but as with all platforms, SEO takes work, and there are workarounds for the common limitations created by BigCommerce.

SEO is not something that happens overnight. BigCommerce allows you to make SEO-friendly URLs for all your products, and you can easily optimize the product descriptions in the platform for search engine optimization, but this is just the beginning.

And BigCommerce allows you to edit and control all the things you need to do when it comes to SEO, like the product name, the URL for the product page, and the alt text for the product image.

How Long Does it Take to See Results from BigCommerce SEO?

One of the most important concepts to understand about SEO is that the work you do today will be unlikely to help tomorrow. Rather, the work you do today will help your business grow 1, 2, 3, and 10 years into the future. For SEO to work, you must have patience, a plan, and the resolve to stick to it. There are a lot of factors that go into how long it may take to see results from an SEO strategy, and at the end of the day, SEO results are never guaranteed. But, we believe, if you follow a regiment that is proven to work, you’ll have the outcome you’re looking for.

Google’s algorithm and what people are looking for are always changing. Because of that, SEO has to change and adapt. It’s possible to not see any SEO results for 12-18 months when you’re in the process of implementing a new strategy.

That’s why it’s important to partner with the right BigCommerce SEO expert to optimize your site. SEO only works when you have the right people with the right insights who understand your business and your goals. That way, when the results of your SEO efforts do start to pay off, you will have search traffic from the right audience.

How Much Do SEO Services Cost?

A lot goes into a good BigCommerce SEO strategy, and that strategy is different for every website. Sure, there are probably some companies that promise significant results for one low price, but any reputable SEO agency isn’t going to pre-price their services.

Look at it this way. Some sites have more than a thousand blog posts and hundreds of product listings. Others may have three product listings and  50 blog posts. Would it make sense for BigCommerce SEO services to cost the same to optimize each of these sites?

In addition to learning about your particular business, your goals, and where your site stands, a professional SEO expert will not know exactly what your site needs to rank higher in a Google search without completing audits. And those audits will usually dictate the sort of work that needs to be done.

Because every site needs different work, we never pre-price our SEO services. Every site is different, and we respect that every website owner has different goals.

About Propellic

Propellic is a small team. We’ve spent the past five years perfecting our process, getting the right people in the right seats, and working with fantastic business owners who allow us to serve them. We love working with businesses to help them rank higher in Google search results.

At Propellic, our core values are transparency, education, and accountability. For us, these values mean:

  • Transparency. Everything is available in our client-facing dashboard, from internal communication to task status. You’ll always know where we are in the process of building your BigCommerce SEO strategy.
  • Education. We created a systematic SEO learning program for our clients to be part of every strategic decision and understand the intricacies of their eCommerce hosting platform. Some agencies like to pretend SEO is just a bunch of tips, tricks, and hacks. We want you to understand how it works to make informed decisions for your business.
  • Accountability. On the off chance that we don’t deliver something on-time or to standards, we’ll make it up to you with additional deliverables and then volunteer at a charity of your choice.

To us, there’s nothing better than the feeling we get when we help a client optimize their website. We’re passionate about SEO and sharing the insights we’ve gained during the past five years. We’d love to work with you too. Schedule a free consultation by clicking the button below. We’d love to help your site stand out.